exhibition goers
mediation platform
ongoing since 2018

organized with Anina Steinmann, Noemi Bearth and Linda Nussbaumer

Exhibition goers organize monthly visits to exhibitions and open a discussion about the ways to mediate, reflect and discuss history in or through exhibitions. The idea for exhibition goers arose at the University of Zurich during the colloquium "Curating History" (Spring semester 2018, History Department, with Denise Tonella), where we asked about the possibility of new curatorial practice on history and about innovative ways of reflecting history in exhibitions. The exchange and discussion about ways of teaching history in museums should now flourish beyond the boundaries of university teaching and learning spaces. Students and lecturers have therefore decided to continue the debate informally, which is given a concrete form by exhibition goers.

exhibition goers is the first project that took a former class as the starting point for a project in the public sphere. Talking about exhibitions as a medium to go beyond the academic field has been an important part of my practice since the days of these colloquiums. Every discussion in one of our goings is enriching and a lot of fun. Later, Anina, Noemi and Linda joined the team and it has been great fun organizing everything with them.

cover image by Jana Figliuolo and gallery images by Jana Figliuolo and Jose Cáceres.
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