Chocobanana Entanglements, artist talks and round table with Adán Vallecillo and Marie van Berchem, Remapping Zurich, 11 August 2021
Reflecting Wallmapu Ex Situ, with Aldir Polymeris and Nina Willimann, Symposium Transformation, Otherwise Network, 30 June 2021
A Decolonial Antiracist Movement in Switzerland, podium discussion with Tracy September, Izabel Barros, Lee Legis and Jovita dos Santos Pinto, Taking Back our Space! Action Days for Racial Justice, 11 June 2021
Early Modernity Postcolonial?, podium discussion with Patricia Purtschert and Marion Uhlig, Traverse, 31 March 2021
Indigenous EpistemologiesTowards a Decolonial Idea of Nature, symposium "Contemporary Debates on the Ecological Crisis", Migros Museum for Contemporary Art, online, 18 Februar 2021
(CO)MMITMENT, Seminar "Copractices. Principles and Challenges for (Co)mmunities, (Co)mmitment and (Co)llaboration, GAM Center for the arts, culture and people, online, 10 December 2020
The Dark Side of the City. Decolonial Management Remix, round table "Dark Passages of the Sprawling City", Anne-Laure Franchette, Caroline Wiedmer, Cora Piantoni, Gabriel N. Gee, Rafaël Newman, online, 14 November 2020
Queering Nature, Round table with Anne-Laure Franchette (CH), Elise Lammer (CH), Rosario Taveli (AR/DE), La Becque, Switzerland, 26 September 2020
To Print is to Resist: Social Uprising in Chile and Latin America, panel discussion with Hambre, Hambre, Hambre, IMPRESIONANTE, Gato Negro Ediciones, Darío Marroche and Fiebre Ediciones, online, 15 July 2020.
Decolonial Ambivalence and Unrest, workshop, la_cápsula, Zurich, Switzerland, 22 June 2020.
Singapore Biennale 2019, Discussion with Patrick D. Flores, Conference ‘Contemporary Art Biennials—our hegemonic machines in states of emergency’, online, 10 June 2020.
Anticipaciones: predicciones, ilusiones y distopías, discussion with colectiva internacionalista (Nancy Mansilla and Loreto González), online, 6 June 2020.
Soziale Proteste in Chile: Vergangene Gegenwart [Social Protests in Chile. Past Future], discussion table ‘Soziale Proteste und staatliche Gewalt: Ecuador, Chile, Bolivien’, University of Konstanz, Germany, 3 December 2019.
Piñera, dictatorship and protests, talk and discussion table, la_cápsula, Zurich, Switzerland, 1 November 2019.
Andean Relations to the Past. Space, Time and Knowledge of the Past, 12th Annual Conference of the International Society for Cultural History, Global Cultural History, Tallinn University, Estonia, 28 June 2019.
Temporalities of the Past. Towards a transcultural historicity, conference, Futuro hoy / ayer / mañana: Visiones de futuro(s) en las Américas, University of Bonn, Germany, 14 June 2019.
Kubanische Bemerkungen zu Lateinamerika (Cuban Remarks to Latin America], summer school, Kuba. Geschichte der Zukunft, Havana, Cuba, 10 January 2018.

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