Do you know Sihlwald?
It is a forest outside of Zurich, a so-called “natural” forest made up of around 1000 hectares.
We normally go for walks to Sihlwald, but it has always been for me a wonder how every walk is a new experience of the forest. While I mostly concentrate on the living beings as mushrooms, insects and plants and wonder about the “microphysics” of being, Nina experiences the forest almost as a whole through her senses, she imagines something like a sensorial-emotional landscape of the forest itself.
This brought me to Burckhardt’s question “Why is Landscape Beautiful? and I started to reflect about his idea of strollogy. How can we sense nature in movement? What makes nature? This question took me back to the bigger question: how do we sense, imagine and think nature within nature? Not from the urban distance… Since then, I still go regularly to Sihlwald developing further questions. At the moment, I have arrived at the question: How can nature not be an object, but be a catalysator for art work that lies on the idea of co-existence? 
Where would this lead. 
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