​​​​​​​VIRUS TDS
interdisciplinary art project 
ongoing since March 2020
The Internet
conceptualized with Carolina Opazo and Andrea Herrera
VIRUS TDS [=técnicas des-generadas de subsistencia= dis-gendered tactics of subsistence] is a network of affective and political contagion for the resistance against the productive and reproductive neoliberal system and its deployment of precarised and instrumentalised art and culture. With the outbreak of COVID-19, this scenario has worsened, above all in the Global South. The COVID-19 has been transformed into a neoliberal tool to alienate us, but the quarantine cannot paralyze us, we have to remember that the demands persist and the protests remain alive and continue their spreading in the virtual platform.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to re-signify the confinement and re-activate collective dis-gendered tactics of subsistence to oppose the oppressive fibres. We put the platform VIRUS TDS at everyone's disposal as a mechanism to disseminate and spread collectively dis-gendered tactics of subsistence as a possibility to dismantle the oppressive precarity of the capitalist reality we live in. We invite workers from different artistic and cultural sectors to get infected and to infect us as a subversive act of the current concept of contagion

What would have been the pandemic without the regular meetings with Andrea and Caro? I just don’t know. Already between us, the platform has reached its affective and political goals, but the comeback of the (anormal) normality has confronted us with new challenges that in a constant state of mutation, we are trying to figure out with the help of Jorge Bernal and Jocelyne Rodríguez Droguett.

cover image by Jorge Bernal («Idea», 2020) and gallery images by VIRUS TDS.
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