​​​​​​​mobile soils
TETI - Textures and experiences of trans-industrality
editorial project
The project Mobile Soils aims to showcase and nurture interdisciplinary dialogues on soil, land and territory. It looks more specifically at the mobility and transformations of the soil in the global 21st century, through collaborative participatory strategies engaging with issues of materiality and representation. At a time when increased environmental pressures question our societies and communities’ relation to their habitat, when planetary interconnections are made even more salient by the resurgence of pandemic threats, Mobile Soils aims to contribute to ongoing debates by opening spaces of conversation between different types of expertise and perspectives on soils; and it aims to resolutely develop this conversation at the crossroads between physical and virtual spaces, thereby incorporating both the constraints and opportunities of present day digital communication, made all the more visible by the recent pandemic outburst.
The project was initiated by the TETI Group, for Textures and Experiences of Trans-Industriality, as part of a reflection by the collective on Baustelle und Botanik, looking at crossovers between building sites and botany. The interdisciplinary study group on textures and experiences of trans-industriality explores the changing imaginaries of our global/glocal societies at the turn of the 20th-21st centuries. The group favours enquiries into trans-disciplinary commonalities, and investigates the potency of ideas as they migrate from one body of practice into another. Finding such common grounds is not meant to lead towards more homogenized landscapes, but on the contrary as a springboard through which to re-invest in differentiation. Circulation can be understood, diversification must be the object of pro-active creativity.
Between my collaborations with Trop cher to share and Volumes Archive, it was kind of perfect fit when Gabriel and Anne-Laure asked me to collaborate on mobile soils. After talking so much about books with the two of them, you simply want to publish a book with them. And if that gives me an excuse to enjoy more of Gabriel’s wonderful dinners, yes, please!
cover image: Grit Ruhland, «Awesome Terra», 2019.

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