wallmapu ex situ
trop cher to share
interdisciplinary art project 
wallmapu ex situ is a virtual space in the form of a zoom chat room, a real existing place of encounter, and yet geographically neither "here" nor "there" can be located. This space is to be used in its capacity as an in-between space, as a space of possibility, in which traditional rules and boundaries can be crossed and redefined in a creative, speculative and utopian way. Following indigenous ontologies and Bruno Latour's Parliament of Things, ‘Trop cher to share’ will invite representatives of human and non-human actors from Switzerland and Chile to populate this virtual space. The representatives will be selected on the basis of their specific expertise in relation to the subject they represent. In a first step, they are invited as candidates to online auditions in which they introduce themselves as representatives of one of the subjects they represent and tell their biography. Later, a selection of them will be invited to a series of conferences together with other representatives to explore their common entanglement in the history of the Wallmapu by contributing their respective perspectives.
The project was conceptualized by Trop cher to share a transdisciplinary performance collective with changing members, whose core are currently the choreographer and performer Nina Willimann and the video artist and performer Aldir Polymeris. Together with Paula Pailamilla, Johanna Hilari and Mara Meier, we are part of the core team supporting Nina and Aldir at the development of the project. 
I had the luck and pleasure to meet Nina during VOLUMES 2019 and hear for the first time about their project with Aldir. They were just preparing to travel to Chile and start their research about the role of plants in the history of wallmapu. So thankful to work with them and have the opportunity to finally connect my ‘academic’ research with an artistic project. I am learning so much from their interdisciplinary collaborative work and gaining new sensibilities at every meeting. 
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